Ex. A
Look at the pictures of Helen and use the prompts to write sentences. Use the correct form of the present simple.
1.Every day, Helen gets up athalf past seven.
2. Helen often eats  fast food for lunch.
3.Helen usually meets her friends for coffee in the evening.
4. Once a week Helen watches a film at the cinema.
5.Helen rarely goes to the gym.
6.Heles has a driving lesson twice a week.

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The story of Blue Jeans

0faa2c896f08931338f02aa6c73dac13In 1996, someone found

some very old clothes in an old mine in Nevada, USA; they included a pair of dirty old jeans. Today, those jeans are very valuable, and they are now in the Levi Strauss Archival Collection, in San Francisco. The jeans, which are over 140 years old, are the oldest pair of Levi’s 501 jeans in the world.
They are almost the same as a modern pair of 501’s; there are just some small differences in the detail. For instance, today’s 501’s have two back pockets, the old pair just has one.

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Sally OR Paula?

She’ s four years old. She’ s intelligent. She’ s got dark brown hair and brown eyes. She’ s got a small nose and a big smile. She’ s thumb on her hand.She lives with her family. She hasn’ t got a big family, she’s got two sisters. She likes people and she loves her sisters and her friends. When she’ s happy, she jumps up and down and laughs. She loves chocolate and bananas too!

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I love spring. It is a wonderful season. Spring comes and nature awakens from its winter sleep. The days become longer and the nights become shorter.

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Sport in UK

Kids in British schools can do a lot of sport. Lots of teenagers do swimming or play football — but these days, there are other things they can do, too!

Craig Hopkins is 15 and he is in Year 11 at St Mary’ s School in Oakham. He loves playing rugby and cricket. But his favourite sport is rowing. There is a big lake neer my school and we go there once a week to row, says Craig . ‘I’m in the school team, and two or three times a year we row against teams from schools in other parts of the country.

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